Friday, 16 October 2009

Good Design / Bad Design Lecture

Yesterday, I attended the 'Good Design/ Bad Design' lecture and found it very thought provoking. The lecture highlighted for me how people interpret what they see and how influential visuals can be on the viewer, shaping our ideas of what is "the norm". It made me realise that when designing I should be thinking about how my designs could affect others and trying to create designs which have a positive outcome. Thinking about visual literacy made me realise that I must think of my designs in context and how they will be portrayed by others and how they can be used to better peoples situations. I must understand who I am designing for and whether my designs are relevant. I feel it is important to design for the present whilst also thinking about how my designs will fair in the future. There is no point in wasting time trying to do what others have done before: I should be thinking innovatively. Design must be put into perspective and all elements considered otherwise the outcome will inevitably be irrelevant. Understanding the world around us as designers is extremely important if we are to create useful designs.

Well, I hope what I've just blogged about does link back to the message intended in the lecture and I've not just rambled on about something entirely off topic. I feel like these lectures make me think about so many different things which I never usually pay attention to, which can really only be a good thing !