Thursday, 1 October 2009

'Cultures' Project Brief...

Well, I think i’ve put off writing on this for long enough now, so I suppose I better get started. I’m going to start off by writing a bit about the first Textiles brief of the year. Our first brief is called ‘Cultures’ , and although I struggled to decide how exactly I was going to approach the topic, I think I’m finally getting somewhere.
I am interested in why people have certain beliefs whether it be religious or personal. With this idea in mind I began by researching into religion and the way being part of a religion or a set of beliefs can provide a sense of belonging. This idea quickly led on to me thinking about people’s belief in a god and their perceptions of a “heaven”. I really struggled to find imagery for my first idea, so i have decided to focus on Roman Catholic religious art and more specifically shrines and the embellishment, iconography and rich textures found within churches. Here is some of my visual research so far from my sketchbook :