Sunday, 23 January 2011

Semester 2 - Assignments 1a & 1b

To begin the second semester, we have been asked in our first assignment to complete a survey which distinguishes the participants learning style. The survey consists of 40 questions which allow for a positive or negative answer. After competing the test you add up your score depending on which questions you have ticked or crossed in a questionnaire score section. There are 4 categories of :
-Activist: I'll try anything once.
-Reflector: Id like time to think about this.
- Theorist: How does this fit with that
-Pragmatist: How can I apply this in practice.

According to the test I myself am a Reflector. This I feel is an accurate outcome as I do take a back seat in discussions. I find it interesting to hear other peoples opinions on a subject before making a final decision of my own. Taking into consideration all aspects I feel means that I will have a stronger final opinion. I do although feel that on some occasions this approach to learning could hold me back as I wouldn't often take risks.

I did think prior to the group meeting which learning style I would instinctively relate to each group member. I was unable to attend the group meeting due to illness so I have acquired notes from another group member so I can compare the actual results to my assumptions. I hope to discuss a little more with my group members at our next meeting.

After discovering which learning style applied to each person I discovered I had on some occasions been spot on yet others were not what I expected.

I guessed Ross would be a Pragmatist, which is the result he got from completing the survey. I believed this to be the case as I feel he is enthusiastic and confident with his approach to an assignment from the beginning. I think Ross disagreed with the results because he feels he isn't likely to get going with assignments at an early stage.

Scarlet's results have shown that she is an Activist which means she should be open minded and enthusiastic and acts first as she will deal with the consequences first. This is not what I imagined her results to be as I guessed she would be a Pragmatist. I think she agreed that her working style is similar to the description of an Activist although the learning style of Pragmatists matches the way she learns.

The results which Frances got from the survey indicated her learning style was that of a Reflector. This is what I imagined her results would be as I imagine she would put a lot of thought into things and would approach assignments cautiously. It was obviously a surprise to see the results herself as she believed her learning style was much more linked to Pragmatists.

Claire's results have shown that she is an Activist in her approach to learning. She scored low in the learning styles of Theorists and Pragmatists. Most people within our group, along with myself guessed Claire's learning style would be most fitted to a Theorists. It proves that it is not always obvious which approach fits best with each individual.

I find these tests vague as they place participants of the survey into boxes. I found when completing the survey I was contradicting myself due to the questions asked. It was nevertheless interesting to complete and discover whether my own personal results and others within my group were what I expected.