Saturday, 25 September 2010

Design Studies -Level 3 Assignment 1

During our first Design Studies lecture of this term our lecturer divided us into groups which consisted of students from a range of different disciplines including Graphic Design, Textile Design, Jewellery and Metalwork Design, Interior and Environmental Design, Product Design and Interactive Media Design. We were asked to each choose a separate design related subject from the list provided so that no two individuals from within our group are researching the same topic. We then met up to discuss each topic, creating mind maps which would act as a starting point for later research. The topics chosen within our group were :
  • Branding and Design
  • Up-Cycling, Down-cycling and Re-cycling and Design
  • Mass Production and Design
  • Population Overshoot And Design
  • Resource Depletion and Design
  • Fair trade and Design

The fact that our group was made up of students from different disciplines meant that the discussions we had covered a wider scope than many of last years single discipline tutorial dicussions. I found this extremely helpful and came away with ideas for the different directions I could take my topic of 'Resource Depletion and Design'.
I am now in the process of further researching my chosen issue which will be used to write an entry in a wiki style. We will later recieve feedback from the other members of our group which will contain their thoughts and any constructive criticism they may have on how we have approached our topic.