Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Assignment 4A

For this assignment, we were told to choose a main question to investigate. By conducting semi-structured interviews with three or four unfamiliar subjects the idea was to produce a conclusion based on the information compiled on our chosen subject. I decided upon the question "How do magazines influence people's ideas of design and taste?" My decision was based on my interest in advertising and which elements have a huge impact on the viewer. As the majority of magazines are filled with advertisements promoting the extensive range of brands available today I thought this would surely have a huge impact and on how those reading magazines thought and what they inevitably liked design-wise. I began by brainstorming my first thoughts to get an idea of what sort of things I would be looking for and the most suitable questions to ask in order to gather qualitative information and come to a solid conclusion. I began by listing types of magazine and their content and cover material as well as aspects of an individual which would reflect their tastes.