Thursday, 28 October 2010

Dissertation Discussion

I found the Dissertation Workshop extremely helpful as the tasks helped me to decide how I could tackle my chosen topic using different research techniques. I can use the techniques I have learnt throughout the research process. I found working within a group and hearing the opinions of everyone else very helpful.

Above is the mindmap I created whilst brainstorming my initial ideas for my dissertation topic. My ideas were linked to the subject I researched for my wiki entry of 'Resource Depletion'. This research made me aware of the techniques we as textile designers could use to reduce the negative effect we currently have on the natural environment and its resources. I find exploring the alternative methods available extremely interesting. I would like to focus on the effects resource scarcity has upon the cost of production, buying and recycling and what innovative methods we could use to reduce them. I would also keep a strong connection to my discipline: textile design. I will continue at this point to research further sustainability throughout the life cycle of materials and how we can create products from recycled materials. An example of this are Alyce Santoro's sonic fabric neck ties made from recycled cassette tape. The conceptual artists creations are multifunctional as they also play if a tape head is run over them. They are 50% tape and 50% polyester.

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